Looking Back...at 2014!

It's that time of year again, when we all get retrospective and revisit the bookish resolutions that we made last year!  Here are mine:

1. Read.
I started off this year with not setting a Goodreads reading challenge.  Shocking, I know!  But then I got tired of continually seeing it in my sidebar, just begging me to start, so I decided to just put 20 books as my goal, knowing that I could easily complete it.  But I read 20 books by May-ish, so I increased it over the summer to 60 books -- and I will definitely make it!  I definitely spent less time on Goodreads this year (my "currently read" shelf seems to always be hopelessly outdated!) so I definitely didn't stress about how much I was reading ... and I read quite a lot!

2. Read more books that I already own.
I definitely took a hiatus from library books this year, and read lots more of my own books!  I still have to total up how I many previously-owned books I read, but it was definitely better than previous years!

3. Read some more "big kid" books.
I ROCKED at this!  My winter TBR is all adult books, but I read quite a few this year, including the Black Dagger Brotherhood series and A Song of Ice & Fire (I'm not done either series yet, but they're both so good!)

4. Conquer my series TBR.
Well, I wouldn't say I conquered my TBR, but I definitely made a dent in the stack!  I also started a few new series this year, but definitely crossed quite a few off the list.

5. Be more selective with review titles.
I had spurts in the year where my review pile got a little overwhelming, but I've been using my e-reader less and less over the past few months, which has resulted in less e-ARCs.  At the moment, I only have four ARCs to read, all of which are 2015 titles.  I think I learned a lot about my ARC requisition process this year, which was really great.

I'm pretty proud of my accomplishments this year.  How did you do with your bookish resolutions?  Leave me a comment below!  I'm also still sloooowly working on my end of the year book survey (it takes me SO LONG to put that post together!) so stay tuned for more bookish retrospectiveness!



  1. That's awesome that you'll surpass 60 books! The last two years I did 50, but couldn't even make that! So this year I said I'd read 30 and I won't even come close!! Sigh. At least I haven't given up reading altogether, right?! ;)

    1. Trying to balance reading and mommyhood is definitely a challenge! I think my reading went up this year, mainly because Marko was enjoying audiobooks during our commute =)


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