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Today's topic is a fun one -- concerts that I've been to!  I was a late bloomer when it came to checking out concerts, mainly because I grew up on an island that didn't have too many concerts, since it's super expensive for an artist to get all their stuff to the island, and there weren't any massive concert venues where they could recoup some of those expenses.  After I moved to Vancouver, I went to my very first concert, to see Christina Aguilera (yes, I know, but I love her!!!) and I haven't looked back since then.  In no particular order, my husband and I have seen the following:
  • Snow Patrol
  • Blue Rodeo
  • The Tragically Hip
  • The Tea Party
  • Alanis Morrisette
  • City and Colour
  • Feist
  • 54/40
  • U2
  • Kings of Leon (twice!)
Now that I look over this list, that's a heck of a lot of Canadian music!  All of the shows were phenomenal, with the exception of the Tragically Hip, who were a bit of a disappointment....  We'd originally planned to see them at an outdoor concert called Rock the Shores, but the show was postponed due to a lightning storm.  I was three months pregnant at the time, and the show was poorly organized, so they ran out of food and we were starving.  Since we didn't know when, if ever, the Hip was actually going to be on stage, we opted to leave.  Then, we found out that they would be performing a year later at a smaller indoor theatre venue.  Since we'd missed their outdoor show, we were super excited to see them.  Unfortunately, Gord Downie (the lead singer) decided to play around with his more popular songs and mixed them around so much that it was impossible to sing along (which is one of my favourite parts about seeing a beloved band perform live!) and the volume was turned up so incredibly loud that we couldn't hear what he was saying when he talked to the audience between songs.

My favourite of the shows that we've seen is probably Blue Rodeo.  When we bought the tickets, the show was scheduled for a month before my due date, which made us a bit nervous, but this is OUR BAND and we just knew that we had to go.  The song "Lost Together" has a special significance for us, as it's been a bit of a theme song for our journey together, and we had it incorporated into the video slide show at our wedding.  The show was perfect from beginning to end: Blue Rodeo rocked out when they needed to be loud, then brought a mellow vibe for some of their slower songs.  The show was held in the same smaller theatre venue that hosted the Hip's concert, but Blue Rodeo really knew how to work the smaller venue.  Plus, this concert was one of our last big outings pre-baby, so it was super special to see one of our all-time favourite bands before our lives were irrevocably changed forever.

How about you?  What's one show that you saw that changed your life?  Leave me a comment below!



  1. We saw Mumford & Sons in Seattle - before they got really, really popular! Hands down the best show I've ever seen. It was in a venue very similar to The Orpheum. I actually cried during the concert, it was that emotional. I'm so glad I saw them in a small venue, before they started filling huge arenas.

    1. Wow -- so cool! I love Mumford & Son's folksy vibe, and I can only imagine how neat it would have been to see them before they became big stars!

  2. SNOW PATROL! I'm so totally jealous that you saw them! I honestly haven't heard of most of the other bands.

    That's one problem with seeing a band live: Improvisation. I HATE IT. Don't change it, man! Don't fix it if it ain't broke, right? And if the mike settings aren't just right, it sounds crappy. And some of them hold it to close to their mouth, so the words/lyrics are just a crazy jumble =/


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