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I haven't written a book review in quite a while, but it's Novella November, so I thought I'd do a little
update on what I've read so far!  What's Novella November you ask?  Hop on over here to find out more and sign up -- we still have half a month to go!

In all honesty, I'd never read a novella before.  Shocking, I know, right?  My Goodreads timeline is filled with my fellow reading friends' progress and I always see others polishing off the last pieces of a series, but I've just always felt fulfilled after the three books in a trilogy.  After chatting with Lauren @ Lose Time Reading, she begged me to read the Delirium stories by Lauren Oliver.  I'm still hoping to finish Requiem by the end of the year, so I thought I'd give the novellas a shot and allow the stories to spark my interest in the Delirium world once again.

Honestly, I loved the book!  The Delirium series is told through the eyes of Lena so, although we do get to know the other characters, we don't really get into their heads the same way we get to experience Lena's mind.  This collection of stories follows Hana (Lena's best friend), Annabel (Lena's mother) and Raven, who Lena meets in the Wilds.  Of the stories, Raven's was definitely my favourite, although Annabel's story definitely struck a chord with me because I'm also a mother.

I don't know if I'm a full convert to the world of novellas, but for a series that I adore, I will definitely consider picking up an extra piece of the storyline!

What about you?  Do you read the novellas in a series, or have you always skipped over them, as I had done?  Are there any can't-live-without-this-novellas that I should add to my TBR?  Leave me a comment below -- and don't forget to check out Novella November if you'd like to join the fun!



  1. I absolutely love novellas (the ones that are e-books that come out in the middle of series). I am obsessed with them!


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