On Looking at the Glass Half Full

In light of the drama that exploded all over the internet last weekend, I thought I'd share a positive, upbeat post.  In addition to suffering from bookish guilt, I think that we sometimes have a tendency to gravitate towards the negative aspects of reading ... so here's a look at the glass half full.

Omigosh, my TBR pile is ridiculous!
Hey, I'll never run out of amazing books to read!

It seems like every blogger except me got a copy of that ARC!
I'll be diving into that world for the first time, when every other blogger is wishing that they could experience the book for the very first time.

These review copy deadlines are killing me!
I'm so lucky to have the opportunity to read and generate bookish buzz for these upcoming titles.

I need to go on a book buying ban because I own more books than I'll ever read!
If the zombie apocalypse actually happens, I'll be happy to lock my doors, read and wait for the cure.

Do you have any bookish positive affirmations to add to this list?  Let me know in the comments below!     



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