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Hallowe'en has changed for us over the past couple of years.  When we first met, we dressed up to answer the door for trick-or-treaters (see the pic below), but only had five kids come to the door, so we haven't done that since then.  We hosted Hallowe'en parties for a couple of years, and then went out to parties for the next few years.

Marko's not quite old enough to really participate in Hallowe'en, so last year we spent the evening at a friend's house, handing out candy.  Both our boys were six-ish months old, so we dressed them up anyways, just for fun.

This year, we'll likely go check out the Hallowe'en activities our local mall.  Marko has some Superman pajamas, which will be cute.

The biggest Hallowe'en change for me is that I will be dressing up for work!  Years ago, when I worked in retail, I used to LOVE dressing up for work.  The whole staff would be in costume and we'd have trick-or-treaters coming through the mall.  Then, at my last office job, NO ONE dressed up.  I did the first year, and felt like a goof for being the only one in costume, so I stopped after that.  This year, however, our whole office is on board, which is super fun.  There's three of us at the front desk, and we decided to do a group costume: The Three Blind Mice!  It's going to be fun, which is yet another reason to add to the list of why I love my new job so very, very much!

What about you?  What are your Hallowe'en plans?  Leave me a comment below and hope you all have a very happy Hallowe'en!



  1. That's awesome! I kinda wish we had done something this year. We definitely need to host a costume party next year! I may talk to my managers next year and see if we can wear some costumes on Halloween :D


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