On Bookish Comparisons

Lately, I've noticed a trend in the book world: bookish comparisons.  It seems like every book is being compared to Book X Meets Book Y.  Sometimes this works for me, and sometimes it puts me off a book entirely.  Let me give you some examples ...

1. Jackaby -- Dr. Who meets Sherlock ... never seen either show, so would I even want to read this book?

2. Lauren Oliver's Rooms -- Her Fearful Symmetry (it was okay) meets The Lovely Bones (didn't like it at all) meets The Ocean at the End of the Lane (DNFed it) -- will I even like this one?  But it's LAUREN OLIVER so I pre-ordered it.

3. The Jewel -- The Handmaid's Tale (one of my all time favourites) meets The Selection (which I have NO interest at all in reading).  I'm not inclined to pick this one up at all, even with the pretty dress on the cover.

4. No Place to Fall -- This Lullaby (I loved it) meets The Sky is Everywhere (I haven't read it yet, but definitely want to).  This comparison overhyped the book for me, and I felt like I was expecting more.

See what I mean?  In some cases, I have zero interest in reading the book because the comparisons just don't do it for me.  In others, I feel hesitant about jumping into the book because I'm not sure what to expect, while others just hype my expectations up WAY too high and the book just doesn't live up to its comparisons!

What about you?  Do you like it when publishers promote a book using these types of comparisons?  Is there a book that has lived up to its bookish comparison?  Leave me a comment below!



  1. I'm getting tired of all these comparisons, especially because every YA fantasy is compared to Harry Potter, ever Dystopian to The Hunger games and every contemporary is in the style of John Green. There are more books and authors out there. It's great when a book is just there on it's own, without having to compare it to something popular. Most of the times it's also bull shit and like you, sometimes it's compared to something I disliked; is it worth it then?

    The Jewel was horrible by the way.

  2. Great post! I understand mentioning if a book reminds you of another one IF you mention which part of the book you are referring too. For example I loved The Handmaid's Tale, but it touches very different subjects, so which one am I going to see in The Jewel? And I disliked the Selection as a whole, but there were some salvageable points. There are so many ways to describe a book, I wish they would use them.


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