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My good friend, Jessi, over at Novel Heartbeat runs this awesome feature as a way for her followers to get to know her better!  Check out the list of upcoming topics here.

Today's topic is 13 years ago ... September 11, 2001.  It seems like a million years ago, but I was sitting in class in my second year of university, when a student burst into class announcing that a plane had just hit one of the towers.  Since this was before smart phones and easy access to the Internet at the tips of your fingertips, the only knowledge that we had of what was going on was from people who had been watching TV before they came to class or those that had been in the computer labs watching the footage.  Although I knew it was bad, I didn't grasp the full magnitude of the disaster until later that evening, when I was back home watching the news.

Nearly two years later, I worked at a summer camp in upstate New York and spent a few days in Manhattan before I flew home.  I visited Ground Zero and didn't really feel the overwhelming flood of emotion that I was expecting.  Strangely enough, what impacted me more was when we were walking down a pathway later and I realized that one of the photos in my guidebook had been taken from that spot.  I had an older Lonely Planet book that still included the World Trade Centre, and there was a photo showing the towers as part of the skyline.  When I looked at the photo in my book, and then up at the skyline where the towers were distinctly missing, THAT was the moment where the tragedy really hit home.  I remember my mom mentioning that people were probably walking through that park and saw the planes, and that's when it really felt real that this had happened, and so many, many innocent lives had been affected.

How about you?  Where were you 13 years ago when 9/11 happened?


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