The Here and Now - Ann Brashares

When I heard that Ann Brashares was publishing a new novel, I immediately added it to my TBR list, even though her post-Sisterhood books have been a bit hit or miss for me.  I loved most of the Traveling Pants series, except the fourth book, but I did really like the one where they were all grown up.  Then, I DNFed The Last Summer, but was absolutely captivated by My Name is Memory.

I had heard mixed reviews about The Here and Now, but I was delighted to receive a finished copy for review from Random House (thank you!).  I went into this book with really low expectations, and was pleasantly surprised by the story!  It's a dystopian-esque story, with a time travel element.  I'm quite picky about my time travel books, after my husband explained to me how you can't mess with the space-time continuum.  Ann did this concept really well and wove together a time travel story that made sense and respected the conventions of the genre.  There were a few elements of the story that were predictable, but other moments that took me by surprise.

If you're on the fence about this one, I'd recommend that you take a chance.  Sometimes it works out in our favour when a book has less hype, and we stumble across a pleasant read.  The Here and Now definitely fell into that category for me, and I'm happy that I read it.

Note: A finished copy of this novel was provided by Random House; however, this fact did not influence my review of this book in any way.



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  2. I enjoyed this one, and I too am picky about time travel books (especially ones that deal in romance...). I thought Brashares did the comparative atmospheres of each community/place really well.

  3. Hmm, I'll have to keep my eye out for this one. I loved the travelling pants series and also really liked The Last Summer. Haven't read My Name is Memory yet. I went and read the post you linked to where you talk about time travel. For the most part, I too love time travel. I find you can't over think it too much or your brain starts to hurt though! But I do agree with what your husband said about how changing things in the past HAS to effect the future. Until you watch LOST. Have you watched LOST?!!! We just finished the series and the whole time travel aspect in it completely hurts my brain (and never made any sense to me).

    1. Ahh, too bad I didn't post this one earlier -- I could have brought you my copy! No, I haven't watched LOST -- my hubby has no interest in watching it, and we usually watch shows together. BUT, maybe one day, we'll see =) I agree though, time travel can hurt the brain!


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