On the Futility of my Seasonal TBR Posts

The title of this post sounds kind of depressing, but honestly this post is just for fun!  I was just adding The Lost Girl by Sangu Mandanna (which is AWESOME so far!) to my "currently reading" shelf on Goodreads, and I realized that it was on my fall TBR list from last year.  So, just out of curiousity, I decided to revisit my seasonal TBR lists from days gone by ...

Spring 2012 - 5/10
Clockwork Prince was on this list -- this series has been on my TBR list for almost THREE YEARS!

Summer 2012 - 4/10
Clockwork Prince made this list again, as well as Outlander, which I've decided to finally read next month, along with Brie @ A Slice of Brie!

Fall 2012 - 2/5
The infamous Shantaram is on this list, which is likely why I only chose five books to read!  In my defense, I actually did read a chunk of this one.

Summer 2013 - 6/10
This was the Summer of Standalones, and I actually did pretty well!  One of the unread books on my list is the one that I'm reading now, The Lost Girl.

Fall 2013 - 7/10
I started putting review books on my seasonal TBR, so this allowed me to check off a few more.  Again, The Lost Girl is on this TBR list, as well as the infamous Requiem that seems to grace MANY of my TBR lists, but never actually gets read!

Winter 2013-2014 - 5/10
How many times must I promise to read Requiem, The Lost Girl and the Infernal Devices series?  Yikes.

Spring 2014 - 4/10
It was a list of finishing some series and starting some new ones -- but we all know that I'm not terribly good at either of those two things.

Summer 2014 - 4/10
Summer isn't over yet, there's still time to save this!  BUT, in my defense, I'm currently reading Book #5 AND I actually piled all ten books on my bedside table this summer so that I could choose directly from that pile, rather than getting distracted with my bookshelves.  Somehow, I managed to swap out Golden and The Moon & More for Open Road Summer and The Here & Now (oops!) so, after I finish my current read, I'm technically at 7/10.

This was a fun little post to write, looking back at my past seasonal TBR lists.  Although I rarely ever follow my lists exactly, or read all ten books by the end of the season, it is a lot of fun to put them together!

How about you?  Do you follow your seasonal TBR list?  Do you feel any bookish guilt for not reading according to your list?  Compiling this list has made me realize that I have been meaning to read both Requiem and the rest of the Infernal Devices series for far, far too long!  Do you have any books that you keep moving to the top of your TBR, only to not read them?  Leave me a comment below!         



  1. Oh my gosh, I want to do this - go back through my seasonal posts and see how I've done. I may steal your idea, if that's okay. *grin*

    1. Go for it! I'd love to see if you did better than I did =)

  2. Ha! I always make them, but rarely complete them :) But, I like to have a bit of plan, even if I don't get to all of them. Plus, they're fun to make. YAY for Outlander!!


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