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My good friend, Jessi, over at Novel Heartbeat runs this awesome feature as a way for her followers to get to know her better!  Check out the list of upcoming topics here.

Today's topic is best childhood memory.  It's hard for me to just pick one, since I had a really wonderful childhood, so instead I'll choose something that I know won't be possible for my son Marko to enjoy, just because of how times have changed.

There was a part near my house that had this awesome set of brambly bushes across one end of the park.  If you pushed through the outside edge of the bushes, the world disappeared as the bushes swallowed you up. Inside the bushes, there were lots of openings and pathways in between the branches, which was perfect for creating and visualizing all kinds of imaginary games -- from castles to forts to magical fairy lands.  By the time I was a teenager, this maze of bushes had been removed from the part as it presented a safety concern for children playing at the park (I think transient people were hiding out in the bushes, but I'm not 100% sure).

It saddens me sometimes how our world has become so untrusting and that Marko is going to grow up in a world that is so vastly different from the world that I grew up in.  Even if he doesn't have a forest of bushes to play in, I will strive to give him as many opportunities as I can to allow his imagination the freedom to roam and grow!

How about you?  What's your favourite childhood memory?  Leave me a comment below!


  1. So...I love your blog. I nominated you for a Liebster http://dailydoseoflacey.blogspot.com/2014/08/liebster-award.html

  2. :( This post made me sad (I know that wasn't your intention!!), but you are so right. Our boys will never get the same experiences we did as children. I too have fond memories of playing in the bush like the one you described. We used to play sardines (version of hide and seek) and kick the can for hours in the ravines. And we would hop on our bikes in the morning and be gone all day, only returning once we were hungry. I'm so glad I have these memories, and I hope I can somehow give Sully equally good memories :)

  3. I used to love playing make believe with my friends when I was a kid. And I agree that the world has become less trusting. :( My friends and I used to ride our bikes all over the place when I was a kid, but now I shudder at the thought of letting my 10-year-old nephew walk a few blocks down to the pool. *sigh

    1. P.S. Wow. Your blog button makes me jealous. I'm going to make a move to Wordpress at some point (maybe Nov/Dec/NewYear/ish) and maybe I should get my button / graphics professionally made. Did you do yours yourself?

  4. Wow, that's so cool!! We never had anything like that, sadly. And I know what you mean...have you seen the movie Now and Then? It's a shame it's not safe for kids to do those things anymore...


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