Friday Favourite - The Way the Crow Flies

Last fall, I shared Ann-Marie MacDonald's first novel, Fall on Your Knees. I had just started working at Bolen Books when I found out that a) Ann-Marie was publishing a new book and b) I could PREORDER a copy and make sure that it was waiting for me at the store on release date.  So, The Way the Crow Flies is the very first book that I pre-ordered.  I went into work on release day, found my copy on the holds shelf and paid for it with my very first staff discount!

After falling head over heels for Fall on Your Knees, I was hoping to be captivated in the same way.  Ann-Marie didn't disappoint.  She writes stories so beautifully about broken families and characters who are trying to put the pieces of their lives back together.

I've recently learned that Ann-Marie MacDonald is coming out with a new book in September and I squealed with absolute glee when I found this out!  I'm hoping to be blown away by her writing again, especially since it's been ELEVEN years since her last book!



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