On Banishing the Blogging Blahs

It was almost this time last year that I had my first bout of blogging blahs.  In all honesty, I nearly hung up my blogging hat because it just wasn't much fun anymore.  A few kind comments from some blogging friends and readers encouraged me to approach blogging in a different manner, which definitely helped to remind me of my priorities.  The biggest shift for me since that time has been to remember that I don't have to review each and every book that I read.  In fact, this year, I've been mainly writing reviews for only my ARCs or books sent to me from the publisher, plus the occasional other book if I feel like I have something that I must share.

Then, my blog design disappeared, and I found myself back in the blogging dumps again.  I found that I just wasn't excited about blogging when I had to look at my awful-looking blog, so the time in between posts was getting longer and longer, especially once I ran out of scheduled posts.  I thought about getting a new design, but it seemed like a big expense to invest in a blog that, once again, I wasn't sure if I wanted to even keep running.

But my wonderful husband convinced me to take the plunge and I am SO HAPPY with the result!  In the past few days, I have honestly logged onto my blog several times, just to squeal in delight with how happy I am that my site looks pretty again.  And, with the new design, I just feel EXCITED again to be back in the blogging community!

I'm sorry that I've been a little MIA for the last little while, both on here and on Twitter, but that will hopefully be coming to an end.  I miss you guys!  So, let's talk ... what have you read lately that's blown your mind?  What else is new?  Leave me a comment below!



  1. I love your new look!

  2. Yay for awesome husbands! I'm so glad you stuck around and have found your blogging mojo again :) And the new design looks great!

  3. Your blog design disappeared?! Oh no!! I would have a full blown panic attack if I lost mine! Your new one is cute, though :) I've been away forever and it's good to be back...I'm glad you're not leaving too! I came back to find that a handful of my favorite bloggers quit blogging :(

  4. I love your new design! And I'm so glad that you beat the blogging blues...or blahs ;) I was thinking along the same lines of how if something is not working well or making you dissatisfied on the blog, then it's REALLY hard to continue and have motivation. Glad to have you back!

  5. Well, I totally love your design. Who'd you have do it? Are they still looking for business?


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