Marko Monday [11]

I have always loved Sandra Boynton's books, even before we had Marko.  There's something about the rhymes, the illustrations and the simplicity of the message in her books that has always resonated with me.  I have a few friends who had kids long before I did, and I would always buy a book and tiny socks whenever I was invited to a baby shower.  Most of these friends received a Boynton book or two for their unborn children!

Marko, of course, has a few Boynton books in his library, but his favourite BY FAR is Opposites.  The storyline is very simple, just presenting opposites (i.e. the cover image is "heavy and light") but he just loves the rhymes and the pictures.  Once we reach the end of the book, he presses the book back into my hand and asks me to read it again.  And again.  And again.  And again....

At this rate, he's definitely going to be a reader!



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