Friday Favourite - The Shadow of the Wind

It's been a while since I've shared one of these posts, but I've really missed promoting some of my older favourites!

I picked up a copy of this book YEARS ago, and it sat collecting dust on my shelves for several years.  One time, a friend came over for dinner and pulled it off the shelf, exclaiming how much she had loved it, only to be met with my blank expression because I hadn't yet read it.  She was horrified.

Fast forward a couple more years (yup, didn't act on her recommendation at all) and I was packing for our honeymoon.  Anticipating a glorious week of reading time on the beach, plus another week visiting with family that didn't speak English (i.e. I read while hubby chats time), I wrestled with how many books to pack, and which books to pack.  Finally, I chose The Shadow of the Wind off my shelf because a) it was paperback and therefore light and b) I was pretty sure that I was going to love it (there's nothing worse than bringing a book on holidays that you end up not enjoying). Even though it's a gothic-esque storyline, it somehow fit PERFECTLY into my beach reading, and I savoured the storyline while also gobbling it up as quickly as I could.  Just thinking of the book brings back memories of Montenegro and the scent of the Adriatic sea and makes me crave a re-read.  I own the remaining two books in the series, which I would like to read one day.

Have you read The Shadow of the Wind?  Have you read the rest of the series?  Leave me a comment below!



  1. I loved Shadow of the Wind, but I haven't read the rest...


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