Book Haul [11]

Happy Saturday everyone!  I know that I'm going to be spending some time looking over everyone's BEA book haul posts ... so I thought I'd share one of my own!  Here's what's new on my shelves ...

As I mentioned in my May Series Spotlight, I have a feeling that City of Heavenly Fire is going to sit on my shelves for a bit.  I'm not super excited to dive into it just yet (maybe after I watch the first movie, which is sitting on my PVR) and I just can't believe how HUGE this book is!

I'm getting soooooo excited for a summer filled with yummy contemporaries, so I needed to pick up Morgan Matson's latest because she exemplifies summer.  I've been hearing good things about Open Road Summer, so I hope it lives up to the hype!

I requested One Plus One MONTHS ago on Edelweiss, but my request is STILL pending.  I saw it pop up on Netgalley and requested it on a whim, only to receive my approval e-mail the very next day!  I'm almost finished it and it lives up to my expectations of Moyes' work.  She's a storytelling genius.  I'm super excited to follow this up with Silver Bay, which appears to be a North American release of a backlist title?!?

I'm trying to be really selective about the review copies that I download and, as I posted about a while ago, I'm trying to jump into reading an ARC immediately after I download it, while the excitement is still fresh, regardless of the release date.  Well, it's not working so well with Snow Like Ashes.  The premise sounded intriguing, but I'm a little frustrated with this one so far -- anyone read it yet?  Does it get better?  I'm stuck at the 40% mark and unsure if I should read on.

Meanwhile, I'm super excited to jump into Falling Into Place, because I've already heard some positive buzz around the blogosphere!

I really enjoyed Ask Again Later earlier this year when I needed just the right dose of fluff, so I'm hoping for more of the same in Top Ten Clues You're Clueless.  And these covers = SO CUTE.

And finally, I took a chance on a completely unknown book because the comparison to Sarah Dessen and the cute cover lured me in.  I haven't downloaded an e-galley on a complete whim before, so wish me luck!

What about you?  What's new on your shelves?  If you've done a haul post, leave me a link in the comments below and I'll stop by!


  1. I also picked up Top Ten Clues You're Clueless, but I forgot to include it in my book haul. I'm excited to read that one. I haven't read Ask Again Later yet but I've heard such great things. City of Heavenly Fire is HUGE! I couldn't believe it when I saw it.

    Happy reading :)


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