Series Enders - Mini-Reviews!

So, it's really hard to review final books in a series without being all spoilery, so here are some mini-reviews!

Sever - Lauren DeStefano

I bought this one for my birthday last year, and it sat on my shelf for a YEAR.  I heard some mixed reviews about the ending, and this swayed me away from reading it.  But then I found out that Hollie @ Music Books and Tea really liked it and, since we seem to have fairly similar reading tastes, I knew that I would have to give it a try.  I was actually quite happy with the way the series wrapped up and being able to savour some more of Lauren's beautiful prose.  Highly recommend this series!

Article 5, Breaking Point and Three - Kristen Simmons

I read Article 5 exactly two years ago on a bus trip to visit one of my best friends.  After re-reading my original review, I was excited to dive back into this series as it was on my list of ones that I wanted to finish this year.  With my return to commuting, I decided to tackle the series on audio, starting with a re-read of Article 5.  I loved the first almost as much as the first time I read it, but book two was disappointing.  By the time I finished book three, I was happy to learn how the series wrapped up, but ultimately not wowed by the entire series.  I'd still recommend book one though; it's a great read.


  1. I used to think it was odd for people to not finish a series, but now I find myself not starting the last book! It's great to see you enjoying the end of many series :)


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