A Game of Thrones -- I Can DO THIS!!!!

It's been a little quiet around here and, honestly, I've been in a little bit of a blogging slump.  I think was just so tired at the end of the day, between work and school and being a mom, that blogging was definitely taking a backseat.

BUT, summer holidays is now here!  Yay!  And, to kick off the fun, I've decided to take on an epically chunky novel from my TBR list: George R.R. Martin's A Game of Thrones.  I posted last week about feeling overwhelmed by my TBR lists and just by the sheer number of books that I want to read.  With the little reading time that I do have available, I prefer a lighter read so that I can read more books.  Tackling such a dauntingly hefty read was just too much for me to contemplate.  Then, I saw that Debby @ Snuggly Oranges had the perfect plan for tackling just such a read: in only 26 pages per day, she managed to read through the entire book!

At work, we're working on a project that involves archiving an entire room full of stored drawings, which is a tedious and dusty job.  The best part of this project is that I can listen to an audiobook while I'm working, which is the perfect way to make sure that I can make my quota each day!  The man who narrates the book has this deep, rich British accent so I am LOVING the story so far -- even only three chapters in!


  1. It's well worth the time/effort. I read the first four books in succession over one summer a couple of years ago (the summer the TV show started) and couldn't put them down. It took a while and I've been wanting to re-read them but it's such a huge time commitment, especially for books I've already read... I hope you enjoy it!

  2. Good luck with AGOT! I'm currently reading 50 pages a day of A Dance With Dragons, and am loving it. I got through A Feast For Crows this way. I want to catch up before the show finishes this season because I need to know what sort of stuff it's spoiling and what's completely unique to the show.


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