On Planning What I Read

I've had this discussion post rattling around in my head for a while now and am excited to see what you guys think.

I have this love/hate relationship with the Top Ten Tuesday posts for seasonal TBR lists.  On the one hand, I absolutely ADORE putting together the post and scouring my shelves for books that I really hope to read soon.  But then, the list starts to feel overwhelming and I get distracted.

I have an almost 15 month old, and I work full time.  When Marko and I arrive home around 6 p.m., my husband and I usually take him for a walk and then to the park to play.  Then, it's home for dinner, bath and bedtime.  After he's in bed, we quickly tidy up the house and make lunches for the next day.  Afterwards, I usually have enough energy to read for half an hour or so before heading to bed.  So I don't read as much or as quickly as I used to!  So getting through 10 books in four months isn't completely unrealistic, but I find this list overwhelming sometimes because I just want to read ALL THE BOOKS RIGHT NOW.  Sometimes I look at my TBR and just feel overwhelmed by all the books that I want to read, but I just don't have the time (or the brain power!) to dedicate to reading.  At the same time, I wouldn't trade my little family for all the books and the reading time in the world -- it's just such a shift in hobbies and something that used to be a big part of my life is shifting and taking a back seat.

Then there's the distraction side of things, which is mainly caused by my library books.  I put books on hold when the library orders them, but this means that it often takes a long, long time for a hold to come in.  So, although I plan my TBR lists with the best of intentions, my TBR books often take a backseat to my library books, especially those with the short loans.  Sometimes my library reading will propel me in a whole different direction, which also distracts me from my reading goals.  For example, my spring TBR is completely series focused but, as of today, I'm only on my third book.  BUT, I've recently finished THREE standalones that I borrowed from the library!  Once I read a couple of standalones, I started to lose my series motivation and lean towards planning my summer TBR list that is comprised entirely of standalones (seriously -- that post is already written and scheduled!)

What about you?  Do you plan what you're going to read?  Or read books as the mood strikes?  Do you have any suggestions for how to plan what I read without feeling overwhelmed or getting distracted?  Leave me a comment below!


  1. I usually sit down and try to plan out 10-15 books that I want to read next. Of course, I can't read that many at one time, but it's just so that I have choices. I pick my books based on challenges and then what I think I might want to read over the next few weeks and put them in a tentative order.

    I start at the top of my list, since it's quite likely I put the ones I'm most excited for first. But then as I finish books, I move the rest of the list around based on my mood. I'll also stick in unexpected library books or eARCs that I got, since my list is not set in stone. Maybe after finishing one book, I'll suddenly get the urge read some other book that's not on my list, and I'll add that, maybe take some other book off.

    Basically I choose more books than I can read, so I have choices, and allow for wiggle room if other books crop up that I need/want to read instead. I never lock myself into a set TBR list, with the exception of books for blog tours or others that have a "deadline."

    Angie @ Pinkindle

  2. I am a total mood reader! I might try to plan on what to read, but that quickly falls away because sometimes I'm not in the mood for that historical read and I want a contemporary one. I want to make sure I enjoy the book so I won't force it. As for TBR lists, I like to make them for TTT and I see why it can be overwhelming, but for me, the fun of it is to squeal over books with others. Usually I never read them all :)


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