Maybe Someday - Colleen Hoover

Last summer, I binge read all of Colleen Hoover's books.  After I read Hopeless, I couldn't get enough of her books!  I read, and liked, all of them, but none of her subsequent titles have sucked me in as much as Hopeless did.  Unfortunately, neither did Maybe Someday.

There were a few aspects of this story that I did like, but most of the book fell flat for me.  Colleen definitely knows how to tell a story and, just at the moment where my interest was waning, she'd throw a plot twist in that came out of left field and I'd be sucked back into the story.  Her characters are real and the reader definitely feels the emotions along with the characters.

I had some major issues with the storyline itself.  I can't say too much without being spoilery, but I found the actions of the characters to be irritating and, in some cases, very hypocritical.  At several points in the book, I wanted to reach into the book and just smack some sense into them.  All of Colleen Hoover's books have highly over-emotional characters and, while this is her style, I found this book to be a bit over the top, which prevented me from identifying with what the characters were feeling because I was rolling my eyes at the ridiculousness of the situation.  Although I know that, in intense emotional situations, we really do FEEL profoundly, there was just something about the characters' reactions and situations that was too contrived and over the top.

I have a feeling that I'll probably be in the minority with this review, since Colleen Hoover has such a huge following.  I'm definitely still a fan and will be anticipating her next book, but this one just didn't work for me.  If you like Colleen's books, I'd still recommend checking it out -- hopefully you'll like it more than I did!

Note: I received an e-galley of this book from Netgalley.  The fact that I received this book for review did not influence my opinion of this book in any way.


  1. I have only read two of Colleen Hoover's books - Hopeless and Losing Hope. I really liked both of them, so I should seriously make time for read her other books. I've heard Slammed is particularly good.

    I do know what you mean, though, about the extremely emotional characters. I really have to be in the mood for the high drama of her books.

  2. Aww.. I'm sorry you didn't love this one! I really enjoyed it!! I loved the way she showed the emotional struggle that the characters experienced in a situation like that. I can see what you mean about certain parts being over the top though.


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