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My good friend, Jessi, over at Novel Heartbeat has just started this awesome new feature as a way for her followers to get to know her better!  Check out the list of upcoming topics here.

Today's topic is my favourite place.  I grew up on an island -- a large island, but an island nonetheless.  This meant that, no matter what direction you headed, you'll inevitably end up at the ocean.  Now I live further away from the ocean, but I can still drive there if I wanted to.  After spending most of my life in close proximity to the water, it would be hard for me to consider living anywhere else.  There's something about the clean freshness of the air that comes from being near the water that just doesn't compare.  Plus, there's something calming about sitting on a beach with my back against a driftwood log, just gazing out at the waves crashing on the shore.

What about you?  What's your most favourite place of all?  Leave me a comment below!


  1. I think it would be really interesting to live on an island. I grew up in the mountains, so I can't even imagine the differences. :)

  2. Wow you grew up on an island? That's awesome! I bet it was nice being able to grow up in such a relaxing place!

  3. I was born in a country that had been called "the country of thousand lakes", so I completely get the desire to live somewhere close to water - I currently live in a different country and a much bigger city than my hometown, but I luckily now have to ocean close to me. :)

  4. Whoa, you grew up on an island?! How cool! I get the pull towards an ocean. I live 30 min away from the beach and it's great...although I seem to never get to go!

  5. I absolutely LOVE the beach! Nothing compares! Jealous that you lived close to it :)


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