Friday Favourite - The Neverending Story

When I was younger, I used to read a LOT of fantasy novels -- make believe worlds were so much better than reality.  Since I'm currently reading Days of Blood & Starlight, I'm slowly rediscovering my love of fantasy ... and I thought I'd share one of my all-time childhood favourites with you today.

I first read The Neverending Story the summer between Grade 5 and Grade 6.  Grade 5 had been a really bad year for me at school, as I was bullied quite badly by a boy in my class who continually teased me for my big glasses and my love of reading.  I was in a Grade 5/6 class and he was in Grade 6.  All of my friends were in the other Grade 5/6 class, so I was really lonely and just retreated further into my world of books.  I remember absolutely falling in love with the story since I shared Bastion's feelings about escaping reality and disappearing into the fantastical world of a story.  When I reached the last page, I sobbed because the book was over and it wasn't really a neverending tale.

Grade 6 was a much better year for me and I wrote a book report on this book and my teacher gave me an A+!  Then, in Grade 7, things kind of fell apart for me at school again as my group of friends turned on me.  Unable to cope with the feelings of isolation, I buried myself deeper in my world of books and read and re-read this one so many times that the book is literally falling apart.  Part of me wants to replace it, since I know that Marko won't really be able to read it in its current state (seriously -- if you hold it up, chunks of it fall out!).  At the same time, I know that I'll never be able to really say goodbye to my copy ... we've been through so much together!

Have you read The Neverending Story?  Have you seen the movie?  I love the old-fashioned-ness of the movie version too, but the book is so, so, SO much better.


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