Book Haul [9]

Happy Saturday everyone!  The comments that I received on last month's book haul were so sweet, so I've decided to make an effort to do these more regularly.  I have to admit that hauls are some of my favourite posts to read on other blogs too, so I hope you like reading mine!

I spent the last of my Amazon giftcard on these three:

I received Unravel Me as a gift from my Secret Santa this year, so I had to buy a copy of Shatter Me, even though I've already read it, just so that I'd have the full trilogy.  They look SO PRETTY on my shelves!  The Lunar Chronicles look gorgeous as well -- I love how they all match!

I won Lovestruck Summer in a giveaway hosted by the girls at Rather Be Reading.  I'm saving this one for the summer, since it looks like the perfect beachy read!  I took back a whole pile of books to the used bookstore and spent my lunch break scouring the shelves for new titles.  Finally, I settled on Shadow & Bone.  I borrowed this from the library last year, but DNFed it when I just couldn't get into the world building.  Lauren @ Lose Time Reading recently read it and RAVED about it.  Since I know she's not super into fantasy (like me), I thought I'd give it a second shot.

Both Burn and Maybe Someday are review copies from Netgalley.  My e-galley of Burn has already expired (oops!) but my library just received a copy so I'll be reading that one in print instead.  I didn't realize that Maybe Someday was posted on Netgalley until just a couple of days ago.  I'm super excited to read it and hopeful that I can finish it by the release date -- I binge read everything of Colleen's last summer, and I'm excited for another one of her books.

Anna Godbersen's books are a bit hit and miss with me, but the Marilyn Munroe aspect of this book intrigued me.  I was a bit surprised to see that it's 400 pages!  I read (and loved) Chris Bohjalian's Trans-Sister Radio for a book club meeting years ago, and have since bought a couple of his other books, but haven't read them yet (terrible, I know).  The premise of this one sounds REALLY intriguing: a homeless teen who lives in an igloo made of ice and trash bags filled with frozen leaves?  Yup, I'm intrigued.  Both of these books are review copies from Edelweiss.

Have you read any of these books?  If you've posted a book haul, please leave me a link in the comments below and I'll stop by.  I love seeing what's new on your shelves =)


  1. Cress was AWESOME! I love Thorne so muh-uh-uh-uch.

    1. I just finished it last night and I wholeheartedly agree!

  2. I love how the covers of The Lunar Chronicles all match and go together too. They are some of my favorite covers out there. I'm curious about Colleen Hoover's book. I've read Hopeless and Losing Hope and really liked them. But I haven't read any others of hers. I hear Slammed is really good too.

    Enjoy your goodies and happy reading :)

  3. I'm waiting super impatiently for my library to get Ignite Me and Cress!

    I need to get my hands on Burn, too. Although I hope to reread Pure first, since it's been over two years, and I still need to read my ARC of Fuse. Oops. :P

    Here's Mine @ Pinkindle

  4. Yay for books! I have a bunch I'm going to take to the used bookstore too. Maybe tomorrow during my lunch break? But I'm going to try to control myself. haha. I read Shadow and Bone & really liked it. I borrowed book 2 and need to get to it before I forget anything... I feel like that's a book you need to be holding in your hands and not reading on an eReader.

    Again, can't wait until you read Lovestruck Summer. It's so fun.

  5. YAY! I really, really hope you love Shadow and Bone. I'm struggling with the second one but I think that's because I'm kind of on overload so I am put it down and I'll pick it up after more of a break. It's wonderful but not what I need right now :P

    I seen so many people got Maybe Someday this week but I could not find it still on Netgalley! Argh! Ah well, I'm going to by it anyway haha.

    YESS!! I love your book hauls :) I hope you love all these books!! Happy Reading <3


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