A Look Back at Winter ...

I've been posting a look back at the past season for a while now, but the volume of posts over the last couple of months made this task a bit daunting.  I've decided to adopt a slightly different format, and just highlight some of my personal favourite posts that I shared over the past season.

Seasonal Highs

Although my reading rate has slowed down a little, due to me being back at work and back at school, I did read some amazing books this winter.  Favourites include: Allegiant, Lovely Dark and Deep, Scarlet and Cress.

I also met Marissa Meyer and had my whole series of books signed!  I missed seeing her when she was last in town, and so I was thrilled to be able to meet her this time.

I started participating in Novel Heartbeat's meme called Life of a Blogger.  The goal of these posts is to help you to get to know me, the girl behind Writer Grrl Reads, a little bit better.  There's far too many posts to list here, but check out Jessi's site here if you're interested in joining in!

Jessi and I are also co-hosting the 2014 Prequel & Sequel Challenge (sign-ups are still open if you want to join!)  I've been quite proud of my series reading accomplishments so far, and looking forward to knocking even more series off my TBR this year.  I'll have a monthly re-cap of my series reading accomplishments, paired with my monthly series spotlights on upcoming releases and the next books off my TBR pile.

Seasonal Lows

I thought I'd like Faking Normal more than I did, and I also DNFed Tease.  I toyed with the idea of sharing a review for Tease in a discussion post on DNF books -- to review or not to review?

This belongs under seasonal highs AND seasonal lows but, since the lows section is so short, I'll add it here.  I went back to work at the end of January and, although it was hard leaving Marko at daycare, he's doing really well with adjusting to his new routine!  He even waves goodbye as soon as I drop him off in the mornings.  Also, I was able to leave behind my old job and move onto bigger and better things.  So far, this new company has been AMAZING to work for and I couldn't be happier.

Thanks for stopping by!  As always, your comments warm my heart!


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