Another Little Piece - Kate Karyus Quinn

It's been a few weeks since I finished this book, and I'm still having a hard time finding the words to actually write a review.  In short, Another Little Piece is WEIRD.  Really, really bizarre.

I started out feeling a bit confused.  Our heroine, Annaliese, is found covered in blood, unsure of who she is, only to find out that she's been missing for a year, but has no idea what's happened in that year.  Annaliese reunited with her family and has to piece together the events of the past year, and the memories become more and more frightening as she begins to remember.

I thought I was diving into an abduction/kidnapping/survivor type story, but what I got was a paranormal type read.  Annaliese is a character that you don't want to like, but you still kind of do.  It's a weird story from beginning to end, and I suppose I have to give props to Kate Karyus Quinn for writing a story so bizarre that it made my skin crawl.  I wouldn't go so far to say that it actually scared me (that title is reserved only for The Shining and Coraline -- shudder!), but it's definitely a creepy tale.

Out of completely morbid curiosity, I downloaded her next book, Don't You Forget About Me, from Edelweiss.  I'm excited to see what she comes up with next!


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