Allegiant - Veronica Roth

There isn't really too much to say about this book that isn't spoilery or hasn't already been said.  So I'll just say this: I LOVED the ending to this series.  It had twists, turns, friendship, love and everything that I've come to expect from this series thus far.

What I did want to share is what I love most about this series.  As I stated above, it's about friendship and love and all those themes that we find in so much YA literature.  But what the Divergent trilogy is mostly about is belonging and community and family.  I love what the series does for the idea of family being not only your blood relatives, but also the family that you choose to be united with.  For example, you're raised in one faction and taught the values of that faction, like Tris learns from her mother and father in Abnegation.  But you can choose your own family, choose Dauntless, and carry those beliefs with you into your new family or start anew.  It's just such an interesting concept and one that is completely relevant to our own lives.

We're born into a family and that family helps to shape who were are as people, whether they're present or absent, loving or not.  We take what we've learned in childhood and adolescence and use that knowledge as a foundation for becoming adults.  Along the way, just like Tris, we get to choose our family.  We can keep the family that we were given and add to it, or sometimes just start over.  Sometimes we leave behind people from our past and acquire new people to add to our circle.  Each person that comes and goes leaves an impression on who we are.

I feel like the family aspect of the series really touched me.  I'm fairly close with my parents and my younger sister (although we live far away, which makes it hard), but the family that I've chosen along the way is just as important.  From my husband, to his family to the friends that I've made along the way, these people are all my family now and I hold them close to my heart.


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