weVerb 14 [1]

In December 2012, I participated in weVerb.  We were given daily writing prompts as a way to reflect back upon the previous year.  As 2012 drew to a close, it was fun to post daily (or almost daily, I doubled up on some posts when I didn't have time), and do some thinking about the past months.

This year, weVerb is back again, but in January -- which, in my opinion, is a much better time for reflecting.  January always feels so fresh and clean and full of possibility ... and what better time than to think back to the events of 2013?  If you'd like to join, check it out here.

It's now January 15th, and obviously I haven't been posting daily!  Instead, I thought I'd just pick a few of the writing prompts from the month thus far, and share some thoughts...

[2] REMEMBER ...

What did you do in 2013 that you will remember the details of forever?

This is an easy one -- giving birth to my amazing little boy, Marko.  I shared a post about his arrival into the world in February 2013, but the details have definitely stuck in my mind since then.  It's true what they say about the pain of childbirth fading immediately, but the memories of the experience definitely stick with you.  My memories of this event are not just limited to Marko's actual arrival in the world, but also how amazing and supportive everyone around me was, from our midwife, to my husband, to my mother, mother-in-law and sister-in-law.  I really felt like I was surrounded by love during the entire experience, and it's definitely one that has changed me.

[8] ACCEPT ...

What imperfection did you come to accept in your life in 2013?  How will you embrace it more in 2014?

When I read this day's topic, I honestly teared up a little.  As a new mom, one of the things I've struggled with is learning to embrace my new body image.  I've been as active as I can be, hoping that my original shape would come back ... but I'm a little softer around the edges than I used to be.  As my return to work date draws nearer, I was digging through my closet with feelings of absolute despair, unable to come to terms with the fact that NOTHING fits ... or looks good.  For Christmas, my family gave me gift cards to our local mall and my sister-in-law took me shopping last week.  I found some amazing new clothes, which were very different from what I used to where, but it was such a self-esteem boost to look at myself in the mirror and not only see imperfections.  It's amazing what a new wardrobe will do for one's self esteem!


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