On Reading Habits

I keep reading all of these GREAT discussion posts (like Cass' Thursday Thoughts and all of the great discussion posts that Jaime @ The Perpetual Page-Turner shares) and I HAVE all these bookish thoughts, just never the guts to post them.  I'm taking a deep breath, and sharing some of my bookish thoughts with you today...

We've all got 'em -- those neurotic little things that you do while reading that are unique to you and your reading style.

I don't read hardcover books with the dust jackets on.  Seriously, it's just too slippery and I find that I can't get a good grip on the book, so I take them off and leave them on my bookshelf, and then rewrap the book when I'm done reading.

I can't dogear or mark my pages in any way.  My sister-in-law borrowed my copy of Delirium and Unwind and returned both FULL of dogeared pages ... I very nearly had a heart attack.  I forgave her, of course, but now I just buy her a copy of books when I recommend something to her, so that she can mark it up as she chooses.

I also can't crack the spines of books ... but I don't mind purchasing a used book with an already cracked spine.  I just can't crack it myself.

It sometimes bothers me when my series of books don't match, but I'd never actually DO anything about it.  For example, I have the original cover of Delirium, so it doesn't match the next two in the series.  Also, I have the hardcover of The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, but the paperback of The Evolution of Mara Dyer, and will likely purchase the hardcover of the last book.  Sometimes I look at my shelves and wish I'd purchased a hardcover of the second book, but then it stops bothering me again.

When I pick up a book to read, I always look to see how many pages until the next chapter and I put my bookmark in where the chapter ends.  Then, when I finish that chapter and still have more reading time left (or I can keep my eyes open a little longer), I repeat the process.  If I have to stop mid-chapter (which happens more often than not) I never leave the book open and upside down; I always put the bookmark in and close it.

What about your?  Do you have any bookish reading habits?  Is there anything on my list that makes you crazy?  Or something that you do that I might think is odd?  Leave a comment below -- I love hearing about fun bookish habits!


  1. I take the dust jackets off, too! I put them back on my shelf where the book was, so it looks like it's still there! I also don't mark my books in anyway. I honestly don't see the point in doing so, and I donate my books when I'm done so I want them to be nice.

    One of my other weird reading quirks is I always read chapters in fives (or tens if they're short). If the chapters are on the longish side though, I'll read 3 or 2, then later I'd read 2 or 3, so I end up on a five when I'm done for the day. :P

  2. Ooo, this is a fun post. We all have silly book habits, I'm sure.

    Okay, so if I am reading a hardcover that isn't a library copy, I also always take the dust jacket off. I'm always worried about little little fingerprint indents on the cover. But if it's a library copy, and the jacket is covered, then I leave it on. Actually, usually the library jackets are taped on so I can't remove it.

    I also don't like to dog ear my pages. Ever.

    And I do a similar thing with looking to see when the chapter ends and putting my bookmark there. I don't always do it, but if I want to stop reading soon, I will try to make it to the end of the chapter.

  3. Your reading habit is exactly like mine!
    I usually put a bookmark on a book that my sister/brother lend so she won'r do dogear.
    Surprisingly I'm not the only one who put bookmark in the end of chapter! But I do it whenever I read, I estimate how many chapter I could read in one sitting and I bookmark it :)

  4. I have all those same quirks! LOL I also worry about my books when i let someone borrow it ...like i want to call and check on it. I breath a sigh of relief when it finally gets back on my shelf and i swear ill never lend another one out..but i always do and worry all over again!

  5. I share a lot of these same quirks. I read books from the library so I love how their hardcovers dust jackets are protected. If I read my own books I often take off the dust jacket. I do not mark on books and hate when other people do. I share your chapter obsession to that I will also wait until the end of a chapter to stop reading if I can.

  6. I take dust covers off because like you said, they slip, and I don't want to crease or rip them. I want them to stay as perfect as possible! I always take mine off. If I get a stain or something on the cover, nobody is going to see it! I don't want my dust covers to get messed up.
    I HATE dog-eared pages!! It makes me cringe when I see people do that, or mark in the book. I hate it when people bend one cover all the way over, too! I read my paperbacks at a 90 degree angle so I don't mess up the spine. It drives me crazy when they're all creased!
    It bugs me when my books don't match, but sometimes I can't really help it. So I've just learned to ignore it haha. I don't leave mine open and upside down because that would crease the cover! I'm just really picky about my books. I hate when a book comes from the store or publisher already with creases or imperfections. It makes me want to buy another copy! I like my books to look nearly perfect >.<

  7. I have a bad habit of reading books I own or get from the library from the online library as an e-book. I think, "well I don't want to crack open the book, or get fingerprints on it", etc. Sometimes it seems a little weird to me, but I can't help it- I like having nice looking books!

    I also don't mark pages when I do read real books. I try to keep them as neat as possible. :)

  8. I take the dust jackets off too but I have to be careful because sometimes I leave them on the floor and I have stepped on them, thereby basically ruining them :( I have also lent books only to get them back dogearred, which means I lay out rules if people are interested in borrowing or else I don't lend it out!


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