No One Else Can Have You - Kathleen Hale

I first saw this book discussed on Epic Reads Tea Time, and Aubry was gushing over how much she loved the cover.  I thought it sounded interesting and different, so I thought I'd give it a try. The book is described as "Fargo meets Pretty Little Liars."  I haven't seen Fargo and can't quite see how the PLL comparison fits in, but it definitely is a unique read.

The book takes place in the small town of Friendship, with a population of just over 600.  I loved the small-town feel of the book and it felt very real.  Our heroine, Kippy Bushman, has just lost her best, and only, friend, who has been murdered.  The investigation isn't progressing the way that Kippy would like, so she takes matters into her own hands.  The result is a weird, funny and slightly off-the-wall story, but one that I really enjoyed.

Admittedly, the book did take a little bit to get going.  I think it was because I expected it to be laugh-out-loud funny, and it wasn't.  It was a funny read, don't get me wrong, but it was a different type of humour and it took me a little while to appreciate and understand the author's style.  Once I was sucked into the story, I couldn't put the book down and was sneaking in a page here and there, anxious to find out how the story would unfold.

Once I finished and reflected on the story a bit, I'm not certain that this book is going to resonate with every reader.  It reminded me at times of Wild Awake, a book that many reviewers said they loved, but then cautioned that not everyone would love, as it was a unique type of read that wouldn't necessarily be everyone's cup of tea.  That's exactly how I feel about No One Else Can Have You -- personally, I loved it and I know that many other people will too, but it just might not be a book that has a universal appeal.  But give it a try anyways -- it's so different from anything else that I've read lately and well worth a read!

P.S. I can't finish this review without mentioning the cover -- Aubry was RIGHT.  I mean, look at it: it's a sweater!  How totally awesome and unique and cool is THAT?

Note: I received an e-galley of this book from Edelweiss.  The fact that I received this book for review did not influence my opinion of this book in any way.


  1. I've seen this book floating around and I think it sounds like a borrow to me. It takes A LOT for a book to make me LOL so... maybe the humor would be okay for me since I pretty much have low expectations when it comes to funny in books. ;) Def seems like a borrow for me BUT I LOVE THAT COVER. I am dying for a sweater that looks similar.

  2. YES. This cover. I wanted to read it on that merit alone! I might chuckle from a book, but books RARELY make me actually LOL so I'm glad you prepared me more for this as well as for the beginning. Slow beginnings are my worst enemy. It's good that it ended up enjoyable in the end! Great review, Melissa :)


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