Marko Monday [8]

After a small hiatus, Marko Monday is back!  This is a monthly feature where I share a book that I've read with him, as well as an update on what he's doing... plus a picture!

My sister-in-law picked up That's Not My Meerkat when she was away on holiday and Marko absolutely LOVES it.  It was so cute watching him realize that he could touch the soft spots on the book.  Each page features a different type of texture to touch; for example, it's the ears on the cover that are fluffy to the touch.  I love how he stretches out his little index finger to touch the relevant parts of each page, and always remembers whether it's the tail, the tummy, etc. each time we read the book!

The most exciting piece of news is that my little boy is WALKING!  He took his first little baby shuffle steps on December 23rd.  People kept telling us that he'd walk by Christmas -- and he did! Then, on December 30th, he was confidently walking between my husband and I, taking more steps each time.  The past few weeks have been spent practicing and gaining confidence.  His little walk is just too cute for words.

This is an older picture but one that I just HAVE to share because it's one of my favourites!


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