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My good friend, Jessi, over at Novel Heartbeat has just started this awesome new feature as a way for her followers to get to know her better!  Check out the list of upcoming topics here.

Today's topic is the craziest thing I've ever done ... this is a tough topic for me to write about, since I don't really feel like I'm much of a daredevil.  I haven't jumped out of a plane or bungee jumped, but I did take a crazy chance on love.

My husband and I met during our final year of university.  I was working on a Bachelor of Arts, but really didn't know what I wanted to do after school was done.  He was finishing up his Bachelor of Education and was planning to move to Vancouver after graduation, since there were no job prospects where we lived.  As coincidence would have it, I dropped off my application to do a post-secondary education program one morning, and he asked me out that afternoon.  Throughout the beginning few months of our relationship, I was going through the interview process to be admitted to this post-secondary program, but it would involve me moving to the interior of the province, at least a ten hour drive from where he was planning to move.  Although neither of us had actually verbalized our thoughts, we were both wondering if our newly budding relationship had any chance of lasting a year apart if we were to attempt a long-distance relationship.

Then, I found out that I hadn't been accepted into the program.  I drove over to his house to tell him the news, and I was devastated that I hadn't been accepted.  After all, I was about to graduate with what seemed like a useless degree (who majors in Women's Studies anyways....honestly!), and now I had NO IDEA what I was going to do with my life.  He held me while I cried on his shoulder and then suggested, "Why don't you move to Vancouver with me?"  At this point, we'd been dating for only three months and it was a huge leap of faith to pack up my belongings, leave my home town and embark on this journey together.  It worked out perfectly though!  We just celebrated our nine-year anniversary since our first date, discussing books over hot chocolate and cheesecake.  This may have been the craziest thing I've ever done, but it worked out perfectly in the end!


  1. I'm not much of a daredevil, either. In fact, I don't know if I've ever done anything particularly crazy. It doesn't really bother me, though. I'm comfortable being that steady person.

    That's a pretty awesome story, about moving to Vancouver with your then boyfriend of three months. I'm so glad things totally worked out! :)

  2. Wow! What a sweet story! I don't know if I would've had the nerve to move, but I'm glad it all worked out for you :D

  3. I'm also not much of a daredevil, and I'm glad that I don't seem to be the only one. I love your story! It's so amazing, and something I think a lot of secretly hope for.

  4. YAY! I love hearing about you guys. Your stories are so cute! I feel like when people look at my ring and ask how long Ken & I have been together I get judged when I say 9 months. But when you know, you know!

  5. That's awesome! It was obviously meant to be! :) I did something similar, only I moved to Montreal to be with Jim and we weren't even officially dating at that point! But, I just knew I needed to do it if we were going to be together. And here we are....still together! ;)

  6. Awww thats such a great story! =)

    Rinny & Kimmy

  7. This post really warmed my heart! Your leap of faith turned out to be one of the best choices you could have made. It was obviously meant to be. I love hearing stories like this. :)


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