On the Importance of Moments

I spontaneously decided to write this post today to share a moment with you all.  It's funny because I've been working on scheduling some posts in advance so that blogging becomes fun again, rather than feeling like a chore, but somehow in the midst of that, I lost the spontenaity of it all.

So I just wanted to take a moment to share THIS moment with you all.  I spent the morning at Kinder Café with Marko.  It's this local coffee shop that has a whole play area for kids.  Although he's not yet walking (and I had to keep a close eye on him to make sure that some of the bigger kids didn't trample him as they ran by), he had SO MUCH FUN.  It was just incredible watching him discover the world around him.  In a whole room full of new toys, he just crawled from place to place, taking it all in (mostly with his mouth of course!)

Then, we returned home and he went down for his nap.  Feeling rather festive, I hauled out the wrapping paper, brewed a delicious cup of David's Tea (Glitter & Gold, my absolutel favourite) and wrapped all my Christmas gifts while watching yesterday's ARC Party on Epic Reads Tea Time.  The sun is shining outside, although it's freezing cold -- we have snow in the forecast -- and I'm just feeling so at peace with the world.  Happy, fulfilled and seasonally blissful.  I've already scheduled my "If We Were Having Coffee..." post for tomorrow, which I wrote, earlier this week, and the sentiments expressed in that post seem to not really matter right now.  This just reminded me of how moments can be so fluid and change so quickly -- what seemed to be bothering me earlier this week seems less important at the moment.

So I just wanted to share this moment with you -- this moment NOW.  Not scheduled last week, or last night, just right now.  This moment will be gone as soon as Marko wakes up, and I launch back into mommy mode, but for now I'm just going to curl up with my current read and see if I can get in a few pages before he wakes.  Hope you're all having a delightful Thursday afternoon.


  1. I love that you took the time to write this. I know, I see Magan seeking out moments like this and I guess I feel like myself when I just like to have married time without making other plans with people. (Though I do look forward to nights when James is out and I can just sit on the couch and watch Nashville and eat all the snacks in the apartment.) These moments matter as much as the big ones. :) xo

    1. You speak the truth, lady! And yay for married time -- our evening usually consist of my with my book while hubby watches the sports highlights and/or reviewing his hockey pool. But tonight he's out playing chess, and it is nice to have some time just for myself. I caught up on all my Bloglovin reading, and am now going to head to bed with my book. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment, as always!

  2. LOVE this positive post!!
    "This just reminded me of how moments can be so fluid and change so quickly -- what seemed to be bothering me earlier this week seems less important at the moment."
    So true. I tend to stress very easily, so I kind of freak out about things and worry too much, but a few days later it seems silly and trivial. Especially if I sit back and think of the things in my life I'm grateful for, those tiny bad things don't seem so bad :)


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