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My good friend, Jessi, over at Novel Heartbeat has just started this awesome new feature as a way for her followers to get to know her better!  Check out the list of upcoming topics here.

This week's topic is pets.  Since I talk a lot about Marko on here, I thought I'd join in this week to talk about my other baby -- my fur baby, Romeo!  After we had to put our previous cat down in April 2011, we waited for our hearts to heal (and until we'd been away on our honeymoon) and then went to the SPCA "just to look" (my words).  Well, as soon as we saw Romeo (whose name was Love because of the little black heart on the back of his right paw), we just knew that he would have to come home with us.  As you can see in the picture, he's a tuxedo cat and he has a Marilyn Munroe mole!  He has filled our hearts with so much joy and he's really good with Marko too.  He's still not too sure what to make of the baby, but he hasn't hissed or swatted at him, so that's a good sign.  I can't wait for them to grow up together and be the best of friends.


  1. Aww, he's so handsome! That's awesome that he has a heart on his paw and a Marilyn mole! Romeo is a perfect name for him :)

    Thanks for sharing! <33


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