Top Ten Best / Worst Series Enders

It's Tuesday and time for another Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by the wonderful people over at The Broke and the Bookish.  This week's topic is the best and worst of series enders!  As you may or may not be aware, I have a major problem with finishing series, so I'm switching this topic up for series that I'm expecting to have the best and worst endings.


1. Bitter Kingdom -- after watching Tea Time, I have a feeling this conclusion is going to ROCK.
2. Clockwork Princess -- I have heard from a few fellow bloggers that this book generated some major book hangovers.
3. The Lord of Opium -- I'm just waiting on my copy at the library, but I loved The House of the Scorpion SO much that this book had better be awesome.
4. Ignite Me -- the series got better with book two, so who knows what book three is going to bring!
5. Into the Still Blue -- ditto on this one.


6. Requiem -- I've heard that this one was a let-down, but I'm hoping that I'll have a different view because I've loved the first two SO MUCH.
7. Sever -- ditto on this one.
8. The Lucky Ones -- I wavered on which section to include this book in, since I want to be optimistic about the series, but I'm not 100% convinced that I'm going to love it.
9. Allegiant -- I don't know why, but I just have a feeling that this book is going to be a let down.  Maybe because there's too much anticipation?  I hope I'm wrong though.
10. City of Heavenly Fire -- this is another book that I'm looking forward to, but not at the same time.  I thought the first three books were fantastic, but four and five have been less than amazing.  I hope the series ends with a bang but, again, I might be wrong.

What are your thoughts on these endings?  Leave me a link to your Top Ten Tuesday post and I'll stop by!  Thanks for visiting =)


  1. I love the clockwork princess ending. But you may be disappointed by it, depends a bit what you want to be Tessa`s future. I love both Jem and Will, so I love it I guess :) Will not say much more about it, you will see for your self :) It is the only book I've read on your list lol :P

    1. I'm hopeful! I have this series on my TBR list for the fall, and I'm looking forward to reading all three in a row =)

  2. I've heard so many negative things about Requiem... I nearly considered not reading it!

    1. I know -- me too! But I'm hoping that this will lower my expectations, and then allow me to be presently surprised?

  3. I might have to agree on Requiem and Sever as I was let down by the second books in the series. Hopefully I'll be proven wrong!

    1. See -- I actually LIKED the second books in both series ... so I'm hoping that I still like book 3. I'm hoping to read both books this fall, provided Techniques IV doesn't eat up ALL my free time =P

  4. I really enjoyed Sever, so I hope you do too when you get round to reading it. I'm like you and still have to read Clockwork Princess myself, I'm hoping it's good but I'm so nervous about reading it!

    1. I'm hoping that my low expectations will help with both Requiem AND Sever ... and that my high expectations don't kill Clockwork Princess for me =( I'm committed to finishing both this fall =) I look forward to hearing your thoughts on CP!


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