On Bookish Thankfulness

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  I know, I know, for many of you Thanksgiving isn't actually until November, but in Canada we celebrate in October!  So, in the spirit of the holiday, I thought I'd take a moment and share a few bookish things that I am feeling quite thankful for on this beautiful day.

1. Bookish friends.  One of the things that I've loved most about joining the online book blog community is the friends that I've made.  I was going to try to list you all ... but I was too worried about accidentally forgetting someone!  Seriously, from the online Twitter chats to the book recommendations to just friendship in general ... you ladies are AWESOME.

2. Amazing books.  I can't even count how many absolutely INCREDIBLE books I have devoured since I started reading recommendations from my fellow bloggers.  Some are books that I might not have picked up on my own (i.e. other than Hunger Games, I hadn't really read much dystopian fiction before blogging ... and I have read so many unbelievable dystopian titles since then).  Plus, this year, I've been getting back into adult literature, which I had really been missing.  Hannah and Cassie's new feature is sure to fuel that reading desire ... I've already picked up Nowhere But Home based on their undying love for that book!)

3. A hubby who loves to read too. Over the summer Jaime & Estelle wrote awesome posts about what it's like to be married to a non-reader (Jaime) and an avid reader (Estelle).  I loved reading both perspectives because it really made me think about the importance of reading and books in my own marriage.  Last year, I shared our how we met story and the importance of books in our relationship.  We not only met in a bookstore, but we have a HUGE library of books (seriously, seven bookshelves of fiction, two of non-fiction and four of chess books!)  We'd have more bookshelves if we could, but we're in a two-bedroom condo and have a limited amount of space. Books featured prominently in our wedding -- we had a Once Upon a Time theme, complete with our favourite titles as centerpieces and bookmarks as wedding favours!  Plus, on any given evening, after our baby boy is in bed, you can find the two of us curled up on the couch reading, him with a chess book usually (although he's reading The Book Thief at the moment and is really liking it) and me with a novel.  I almost feel like books are the foundation of our relationship.

My question to you now is this ... what are you bookishly thankful for?


  1. I too am grateful of all the bookish friends that blogging has given me! And the large amounts of books that I would never have gotten otherwise. Blogging is wonderful and I'm just thankful :) What a wonderful post Melissa, I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving today!!

    1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too Lauren! I probably should have included Secret Santa on my list too -- otherwise I wouldn't have met YOU!


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