Friday Favourite - The Harry Potter Series

Happy Friday everyone!  This is a new feature that I'm starting here on the blog, highlighting some of my all-time favourite books.  This is partially inspired by Jaime @ The Perpetual Page-Turner's Before I Blogged series, where she highlights books that she read and loved before she started blogging.  I have SO MANY favourite books to share and plan on doing at least a couple of these per month ... it'll take off the pressure to post frequent reviews, since I'm sharing thoughts on books that I read a while ago, while also giving me the chance to plug some older titles that you might not have read.

I was a little bit late to the Harry Potter train, jumping on board after the publication of the fourth book.  I was a Girl Guide leader at the time, and only planned on reading the first book in the series, just to find out what all the girls were so excited about.  Plus, when they were talking about Hermione and Quidditch and Professor Snape ... I didn't get it and just wanted to understand what they were talking about.  But from book one I was HOOKED and read the next three in quick succession.  Then I waited and waited for book 5, which I read while working at Point O' Pines Camp in upstate New York.  I worked at the midnight launch for book 6, which was an AMAZING experience -- I LOVED seeing all those people lined up, some in costume, and just so excited over a BOOK.  Here's a pic of me and some of my former co-workers all dressed up!

Then, I attended the midnight launch at Chapters of the final book -- a bittersweet ending to a long adventure.  I loved reading a new installment of Harry's adventures, but I was also sad to see a much-loved series come to an end.  Although, I am excited at the prospect of rediscovering this series through my son's eyes ... I'm sure we'll read these books out loud to Marko when he's old enough, and I just can't WAIT to see his eyes light up as he experiences the magic for the first time.

I posted a discussion post about bookish hype earlier this week and I feel that Harry Potter definitely falls into that category, and is probably the reason why quite a few of my blogger friends just haven't read the series yet.  I know that I have personally commented on a lot of blogger's posts (Jaime -- here's looking at YOU!), gushing about how amazing these books are and you just must pick them up NOW or your life will never be the same again!  I also feel like this is the one series that can live up to all that hype -- I truly don't think that another bookish adventure will ever touch my heart in quite the same way.

So if you haven't yet given this series a chance, just try out the first book, but remember that the series starts out a little juvenile (but I love the innocence of the beginning, especially when I know what's coming) but quickly becomes quite dark in nature.  There's adventure, friendship, humour, a rollercoaster of feelings and so much more.  Harry Potter is an experience that you just won't soon forget!


  1. I think it's safe to say that I adore Harry Potter. It took me a little while to get into it, but once I'd started the first book properly, I was hooked, and couldn't get enough. It definitely lives up to all the hype that surrounds it, because really, what other series has created so much buzz across the world like Harry Potter has?

    1. So true! I think that it truly is the one book that lives up the hype ... aside from those who object to the series because of the witchcraft aspect, pretty much anyone who reads it falls in love <3

  2. I got into Harry Potter when book 4 came out too! I read the first chapter of book 1 before that but thought it was too childish—even though I was an immature preteen... But I appreciated how I grew up along with the characters in the books. Hermione will always be a favorite character!

    1. I usually caution Harry Potter newbies that the first couple of books read like middle grade novels, but the series definitely does get darker as the characters grow up. I love Hermione too! She's definitely my favourite character in the series =)


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