Top Ten Book Turn Offs

It's Tuesday and time for another Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by the wonderful people over at The Broke and the Bookish.  This week's topic is book turn offs!

1. Love triangles. 

I am SO, so sick of them.

2. Teacher / student relationships.  

ICK!  This is mainly due to the fact that my hubby is a teacher.

3. Confusing world building.  

If I can't wrap my head around it, then I'm DNF-ing.  Although there are some exceptions -- Under the Never Sky confused me, but I was convinced by some blogger buddies to give it a second go and I loved it!

4. Boring covers.  

I'll admit, I'm a judge a book by it's cover kind of gal.  Unless I'm convinced by rave reviews, a book with an unappealing cover will usually get a pass from me.

5. Stinky books.  

I like a used bookstore, but a dusty, musty, stuck-in-a-wet-basement-for-eons-book is NOT coming home with me.

6. Series that go on and on and on and on...

Two that immediately jump to mind are the House of Night series and Pretty Little Liars.  Unless there's an end in sight, I'm out.

7. Female characters with no backbone.

C'mon, aren't we supposed to be empowering young women?  Characters that are whiny, wimpy and don't take control of their own destinies might just cause me to throw the book across the room.

8. Violently angry male characters.

On the flip side, really angry male characters also irk me.  Holder in Hopeless immediately jump to mind.  Although I did like him in the end, his irrational flip outs turned me off.

9. Confusing fantasy.

I recently took a tentative step back towards reading fantasy, but I used to shy away from this genre because of characters with names like Thrystenfanifaliukn who were part-goblin, part-lion, part-unicorn, part-dragon ... you get the picture.  Whaaaaaaat?

10. Starting off with a bang and then ... meh.

I can't even count how many books start off SO strong, only to fizzle ... and then hit the DNF list.

I honestly didn't think I had that many pet peeves when it comes to reading!  What are the things that make you go "Grrrrrr!" while reading and toss the book aside?  Leave me a link to your Top Ten Tuesday, and I'll stop by.


  1. I understand where you're coming from on #9, that's why I don't read a lot of high fantasy. I can't wrap my head around a talking mushroom as a character--I can't. And the spineless female character is something that induces insta-rage in me. Great list!

    My TTT

    1. "Insta-rage" -- I like that! Heading over to check out your TTT now!

  2. fantasy is confusing me too lol
    here is mine http://caitstruelife.wordpress.com/2013/09/30/top-ten-tuesday-top-ten-book-turn-offs/

  3. I hate teacher/student relationships too, but I can imagine having your husband be a teacher makes them even ickier!

    1. It really, really does! He teaches high school too =)

  4. I love your list :) I agree about teacher/student relationships most of the time, but love Dimitri and Rose in Vampire academy. But that is a fantasy series about vampire. In real life and book about real life - not so much. I also hate love triangle, although I must admit that I like some of them ;)

    1. Yeah, that one didn't bother me as much (but I've only read book 1). And I think in a fantastical kind of school it's okay -- it's the high school teacher, teenage girl thing that gives me the creeps =P

  5. I'm laughing so hard at stinky books because I love the library but am so picky about what books I'll check out. I just can't bring something home with me that has a weird odor! UGH! I'm grossed out just thinking about it!

    1. TOTALLY! I only borrow the newest releases -- i.e. the ones that the library has JUST acquired. I put them on hold when they've just been ordered, so I know that I'm the first to read them. Older library books ... well, they need to be examined first. There's nothing worse than ... ew, what's that gross brown blob?!?!?!?

  6. I agree with most of these save for "Stinky Books." I love the smell of brand new books... but I also love the smell of stinky old books. I like to go into the back room where I volunteer and inhale the musty smell of old paper. I guess that makes me weird LOL.


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