Iron Queen & Iron Knight - Julie Kagawa

Now that I've finished the Iron Fey series, I'm really at a loss for words to actual review the entire thing.  There were moments that I liked, and moments that I wished I'd stopped reading after the first book.  About halfway through Iron Queen, I was back to enjoying the series again, and I liked the way the book ended.  Then Iron Knight started out with a refreshing change, since it's narrated by Ash.  But then the plot was so SLOW for a while that I actually contemplated DNF-ing the book.  I was SO CLOSE to finishing the series that I continued on.

For some unknown reason, I requested Iron Traitor on Netgalley and, after I was approved, realized that it's not just the next book in the series, it's a whole different series.  *sigh*  So now I have to read Lost Prince first, before Iron Traitor.

Honestly, if you haven't started reading this one yet, it's a miss for me. They're short books, but I'm still coming to terms with how much time and energy I've invested into the series -- especially when I didn't enjoy it all that much!


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