The Iron Daughter - Julie Kagawa

I read the first book in the series, The Iron King, way back in February 2012, shortly after I started this blog.  I can recall enjoying it, but not loving it.  When I reread my review, I was surprised to see that I was so excited by the end of the book and had already placed the next three books on hold at the library.  Obviously, something got in the way of finishing the series, as these things seem to do, and I've only now found myself picking up the second book.

It took a little while to remember what was happening in Meghan's world.  Just like the first book, the beginning of the book seemed a bit slow, but it picked up by the end of the story.  Meghan's character does get on my nerves a little bit -- she's not the best lead female that I've read.  But there are enough redeeming qualities to the series for me to read on, and I'm determined to finish the series!


  1. I bought this one purely because I loved the cover (shallow I know lol.) I'm probably in the minority but I wasn't a fan so didn't continue with the series.


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