The Boy Book - E. Lockhart

Back in April, I posted about losing my e-reading virginity.  July has been a somewhat momentous month for me as I have acquired not only an iPhone, but an e-reader too!  I'm still using the iPad for my Netgalley titles, since they're in PDF format, but my sister-in-law bought me a Kobo Touch!  I love how small and light it is, and it's super easy to read while breastfeeding (sorry if that's too much information!)

Upon re-reading my post from April, it's funny to note how I wasn't sure that reading The Boyfriend List on an e-reader would work all that well, due to the footnotes.  In all honesty, I'd completely forgotten that there WERE footnotes in these books until about halfway through reading when I noticed a little superscripted number at the end of a sentence.  I didn't miss the footnotes though, and found the story much easier to read without continually bouncing down the bottom of the page to find out what additional little tidbit of information had been added.  I skimmed through the footnotes at the end of the book (they're all included as endnotes in the e-version), but I'm actually grateful that I read through the story without being interrupted.

I enjoyed The Boy Book even more than The Boyfriend List.  Ruby, although she is still somewhat neurotic, has definitely mellowed out a bit since the first book and is a little less angst-y.  I found several moments in the book that just made me laugh out loud, and I have definitely started to love Ruby as a character.  She's so genuine and sweet that I really can't wait to see where books three and four take the storyline next!  And, if you read my series intervention post last week, you will see that I am SERIES-ously committed to finishing every last series that I've started and let slide!


  1. Yay! I love this series so far, and I really liked Ruby in this book. I agree about the footnotes in the first book - I read the paperback, and the footnotes were really grating (particularly when they explained the meaning of 'big' words). I didn't mind them as much in the second book, because they seemed to be toned down slightly as I remember it. I need to finish the series too, I haven't tracked down library copies yet but I might see if the ebooks are cheap-ish. :)


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