Good-Bye Chunky Rice - Craig Thompson

I read Craig Thompson's graphic novel Blankets, when I was taking a course on Young Adult
Services during the summer of 2010.  A classmate had raved about the book, and I absolutely LOVED it.  Then, I read Habibi, Thompson's third novel, shortly after starting this blog.  Although I devoured Habibi in one sitting, it didn't wow me in quite the same way that Blankets had.

I was visiting with one of my best friends shortly before Marko was born and noticed that she had a copy of Good-Bye Chunky Rice, Thompson's debut graphic novel, on her bookshelf.  I asked to borrow it, and it sat on my shelf unread for a few months, until I was in a bit of a reading slump and picked it up.

In typical Thompson fashion, it was a one-sitting read, but this one wowed me even less than his other two books did.  Granted, it's much shorter, but the story was lacking for me.  His illustrations are gorgeous and the plot was interesting enough, but I was still left feeling unimpressed.  I have to remember that this was his FIRST book though, so I still have very high hopes for the books that Thompson has yet to write.


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