Summer of Standalones

It's here!  The Summer of Standalones has arrived!  Cassie of Books with Cass started talking about this on Twitter a few months ago, and I was immediately on board.  Although I love a good series, sometimes I get series-ously (ha ha!) bored of them and love reading a good standalone.

This is a great challenge for me to participate in, since there's not too much required, other than just reading! If you'd like the join in the fun, pop over to the sign-up page.

I'm hoping to read 10 standalones this summer.  For my full summer TBR list, you'll have to wait a few weeks, since it's one of my upcoming Top Ten Tuesday posts ;-)  I've just purchased some great summer standalones, so I'm excited to actually READ some of the books that I've bought, rather than letting them collect dust on my shelves while I continue to read the books that I've borrowed from the library.

If you're looking for a great summery standalone, I'd highly HIGHLY recommend Morgan Matson's Second Chance Summer.  Although, if you plan to read this book out in public (i.e. on the beach or in the park), you'd better have some MASSIVE sunglasses and a big sunhat to hide your red eyes after all the messy crying you'll be doing.  It's a super emotional book that will leave you with a major book hangover ... but the best kind.


  1. YAY Meliss! My post goes up tomorrow and I already completed one book! AND you'll be happy to know that Second Chance Summer IS on my list!

  2. I signed up for a summer series challenge, but I love standalone and would love to join this challenge also.

  3. I have that on my list but I'm not sure what I'm planning to read this summer-I will try to get to it since you so highly recommend it.

  4. I'm doing this challenge as well and I'm hoping to read at least 10. I have quite a few standalones on my shelf so it's about time they get read! :)



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