Marko Monday [4]

My local library has a display of books called "100 books to read before kindergarten" and I found Not a

Stick on this display.  I loved it so much and was thrilled to find Not a Box on the shelf during our last library trip.

It's hard to describe these books, since they're primarily pictures.  The text is a series of questions, such as "What are you doing with that stick?" or "Why are you standing on that box?" and the answer is always "It's not a stick" or "It's not a box."  The picture is of the little pig or the little rabbit, holding the stick or the box, but the illustrator has super-imposed a sketch of what the stick or box has become.  For example, the pig exclaims that this is not a stick, and then the stick becomes a sword and he's fighting off dragons.  It's hard to describe the illustrations, but they really are charming and imaginative.  And in our modern world where kids are entertained by television and computer and iPads, it's really refreshing to see imagination still playing a strong role.  I was the proud owner of a play house made of an old refrigerator box and it was the best play house of all time.  I only hope that Marko will grow up to be imaginative and to enjoy creating stories and games out of ordinary household items.

And speaking of Marko, here's a picture of how he wakes up in the morning.  We've been letting him sleep in our bed with us after his 5 a.m. feed -- and he always wakes up with a great big smile on his face.


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