Marko Monday [3]

I decided to start this feature a few weeks ago, as a means of sharing pictures of my baby boy, as well as the picture books that we've been reading together.  I took last week off, since it was a holiday Monday for my American friends, and many of you were enjoying the excitement of BEA and, therefore, probably not checking into blogs anyways.  I am SUPER excited to see everyone's book haul posts from BEA!

Always is a book that I read with Marko last week, and I absolutely loved it.  It's the story of a bond between a dog and a child, and the lengths that the dog will go to to protect the house and the family.  The illustrations are charming and the story is heart-warming and genuine.  If you grew up with a pet, or have a pet, this story will definitely speak to you.  I grew up with a cairn terrier (think Toto from the Wizard of Oz movie).  He was two when I was born and my parents tell stories of him valiantly guarding me in my cradle, day and night, to the point where he was so tired that he could barely stand up.  My parents had to shut him in the kitchen at night so that he'd actually sleep.

Romeo, our feline fur baby, seems to be more afraid of Marko than he is of the cat.  In fact, Romeo will really only tentatively sniff Marko's head when he's sleeping.  When he's awake, I think that Romeo's a little uncertain of his movements, and prefers to keep his distance.  It'll be interesting to see how they grow up together.

And here's a picture of my little man.  We went to Serbian days at our church this past weekend, and this was how I dressed him up in order to head out for the afternoon.


  1. Always sounds so great. I'll have to pick that one up. I'm anxious to see what my kitties will think of a baby. I think they will be terrified and very jealous. =/


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