Going Too Far - Jennifer Echols

A few months ago, I asked my Twitter friends which book I should start with if I wanted to dive into Jennifer Echols' work.  Several friends immediately responded, professing their love for Jennifer's work.  Since my library didn't have any of her books, I chose the two titles that my friends recommended and added them to my Christmas wish list.  My wonderful sister-in-law gifted me not just one of the titles, but BOTH.

I started reading this book towards the end of January, after I had to return Days of Blood & Starlight to the library since it was too heavy for my carpal-tunnel riddled hands.  The size of this paperback made the book easier to hold, but I still only managed to read the first six chapters before Marko's arrival.  It was a little surreal to dive back into this book, with such a life-altering experience in between the moment that I started the book and the moment that I tried to re-enter the story and piece together what had been happening.  It is perhaps for this reason that I didn't love the book as much as I had hoped to, but I'm still sure that I will love Jennifer's work after I read another of her books.

I did enjoy Meg's character, and her relationship with John.  She was edgy and bold, and I found myself drawn to her angst, wondering what made her such a daredevil.  (I'm just now realizing that her character was much more interesting than Parker's in Cracked Up to Be, which I recently reviewed.  Even though they're both "bad girls," Meg's character was intriguing, whereas Parker was just plain annoying).  What did annoy me a little about this book was the extended sexual tension between Meg and John.  From the very beginning, I could tell where the story was headed, and I found myself wanting things to hurry up and get moving.  Maybe the story would have been stronger if there hadn't been so many ride-along nights, since I found that each ride-along just flip flopped back and forth between "he likes me, no he hates me, no maybe he likes me ... I like him, no he annoys me, no maybe I really do like him..."  Perhaps this is how the teenage mind really does work when it comes to sizing up a boy (and I just can't remember or identify with that) but it definitely dragged on a bit too long for my taste.

With that being said, the rest of the story was very well done.  Jennifer definitely paints a great story with intriguing characters that are well-developed.  Although this particular story wasn't my favourite, I definitely have high hopes for Such a Rush and I'm sure that she won't disappoint!


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