WEverb [8]

Estelle & Magan @ Rather Be Reading (one of my ALL TIME favourite blogs) are participating in WEverb this year.  According to the website, WEverb is a series of questions and prompts that allows you to reflect back on 2012 and look forward to 2013.  Each day in December, there's a new prompt.

8. respond [LISTEN]:  Do you actively listen to your inner voice/conscience?  Describe a time this year you heard and responded to it.

I consider myself to be fairly in tune with my inner voice.  It's hard to think of one exact time that I heard and responded my conscience, but I think that I have been better this year at being at peace with myself.  Sometimes my teenage insecurities rear their ugly heads, and I worry excessively about what others think of me.  This worry then turns inwards and makes me feel bad about myself.  But this year I think I've been much better at remaining positive, and not worrying so much about others' perceptions.  It's hard, and will always be a lifelong struggle, but one that I take one day at a time -- because, really, that's all we can do, right?


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