WEverb [13]

Estelle & Magan @ Rather Be Reading (one of my ALL TIME favourite blogs) are participating in WEverb this year.  According to the website, WEverb is a series of questions and prompts that allows you to reflect back on 2012 and look forward to 2013.  Each day in December, there's a new prompt.

13. associate [LISTEN]:  What blog/book/article spoke to you the most in 2012?

There have been lots of books and blogs that have spoken to me over the last year but, as I have a terrible memory for remembering these things (and recently lost all of my bookmarked favourites!), I'll go with something that I recently stumbled across that really resonated with me.  

While attempting to reconstruct my list of favourite blogs, I began checking out some blogs that my favourite bloggers are always talking about -- seriously kicking myself for not doing this earlier.  During this process, I've started reading Anna Reads.  I love the way she writes, her quirkiness and the fact that she's never afraid to keep things short and sweet.  Sometimes I feel like my reviews are shorter than they should be, but I just can't find the words to say anything more.  Anna's posts are just perfect.

While reading through her end-of-the-year survey, she referred to a post that she'd written earlier, about why she reads YA books.  In typical Anna fashion, it's succinct and to the point and everything that she wrote just made me yell out "Yes! Yes! YES!" while I was reading it.  The fact that YA literature resonates with so many of us "grown-ups" is the fact that many of the themes present in YA literature are things that we still have to contend with as adults, even if we do wish that everyone would just grow up and move on.  So, if you haven't read Anna's post, I would strongly recommend it -- I hope it resonates with you the same way it did for me.


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