Books that I Hope Santa Brings

It's Tuesday and time for another Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by the wonderful people over at The Broke and the Bookish.  This week's topic is books that I hope Santa brings ... which is perfect timing, since hubby and I just exchanged wish lists this past weekend!  I put my foot down and told him that we can't do all of our shopping on December 23rd this year, since I just don't have the shopping stamina that I normally do.  We are typically the Christmas shoppers that didn't leave everything until the last minute (because, duh, we're shopping on the 23rd, not the 24th), but still spend the day running around in a panic from store to store, finally settling on gift certificates for everyone.  And then he randomly decides that he needs to add more people and/or things to the shopping list at the last minute, which stresses me out a little.  This year, since he has to cater to my pregnant whims (woo hoo!), we've made a list, checked it twice, and we're doing a little bit of shopping each weekend until we're done.  We both spent an hour on separate computers last weekend  placing an order with Chapters (because, really, that's easier than going to the store!), so I'm hoping *fingers crossed* that a couple of these books will be under the tree for me!

The Evolution of Mara Dyer - Michelle Hodkin
I just read The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer a couple of months ago, and really enjoyed it.  I'm intrigued to see how the storyline progresses and, since I own the first book, I have to own the second, rather than borrowing it from the library, right?

The Lost Girl - Sangu Mandanna
I've had my eye on this book for a while now and have been seeing rave reviews all over the place, especially from bloggers whose opinions I trust.  My library doesn't seem to have a copy, so maybe Santa will bring me one?

The Spindlers - Lauren Oliver
It's Lauren Oliver.  I own every book that she's published thus far.  Need I say more?

Wanderlove - Kirsten Hubbard
This is another book that I've seen reviewed by bloggers that I love, but my library has still not acquired a copy.  The storyline sounds like something that I'll love, so I'm really excited to read this one.

Lovely, Dark and Deep - Amy McNamara
I first saw this book on Evie @ Bookish's book haul post -- the cover is sooooo gorgeous and the book sounds intriguing.  Plus, it looks like the perfect wintry read!

Something by Jennifer Echols
I think I'm going to start with Going Too Far, which was recommended to me via Twitter as a good place to start with her books.  I thought I'd borrow one of her books from the library, just to see if I like her writing style, but my library actually doesn't have any of her books.

Most of the other books on my wishlist are books that are coming out next year.  Perhaps I could also ask Santa to bring me a time machine, so that I can zip forward in time and purchase the books that are coming out in the first few months of 2013?

What's on YOUR Christmas wishlist this year?  Leave me a link to your post and I'll stop by to visit!


  1. Oh yes I totally support your reasoning for needing Evolution. Plus, it's pretty stinking good. ALl the greatness of Unbecoming plus an extra serving of creepiness!

    My TTT

    1. Oooh! Definitely want to read it now!

  2. Lovely Dark and Deep looks sooooo good! Hope you get great books for Christmas! Feel free to check out My TTT

  3. No wish list for me this year :( - hubby and I will be in Florida for Christmas so we aren't exchanging gifts, *ack* I know! But I think the sunshine will soon make me forget! ;) I did ask my mom for a bunch of books, but I can't recall what any of them were...nothing too exciting or new-ish though, just some older ones I've had on my list for awhile. It's funny, I always seem to have a running list *in my head* of books I want, but as soon as someone wants this "list", I draw a big blank!

    Hope Santa's good to you this year! :)

    1. I think I'd take Florida sunshine over Christmas presents too! That sounds like a great getaway! If it wasn't for Goodreads, I'd have a very hard time keeping track of the books on my wishlist too ;P

  4. Going Too Far is a great place to start with Echols, I also love Forget You as well.

    1. Hubby's been given my list, and hoping that he picks an Echols book for me!

  5. I had not heard of he Spindlers before but it is on my list to read now.

    1. I've seen a few reviews popping up here and there, and it sounds like it's a decent book. You can't go wrong with Lauren Oliver ;)


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