Our Second Wedding Anniversary!

Today, November 27, my hubby and I are celebrating our second wedding anniversary.  It feels like just yesterday that we were all giddy and excited on the morning of our wedding, yet at the same time it also feels like we've been married much, much longer than just two years.  Next month, on December 22, we will celebrate our eight-year anniversary -- it's the anniversary of our first date, and since we've been together much longer than we've been married, we usually make a point of celebrating both.  Our wedding anniversary is a dinner out together; our time together anniversary is dessert and hot chocolate, in memory of what we did together on our very first date!

I'm working on a post that I'll have up next month, sometime around our anniversary date.  I've been thinking about doing this for a while but, as it's a personal post, I've also had some hesitations.  My husband is a high school teacher, so part of me was shying away from sharing too many personal details about US on this blog, with the worry that his students might stumble across the blog.  But really, in the vast world of the Internet, sometimes I think we feel less anonymous than we really are.  I asked him this past weekend if he'd be okay with me posting our "how we met" story on my blog, and he's thrilled about the idea!  So watch for the story next month -- and I'll try to include one of our wedding photos too, from our photo shoot in a local bookstore!


  1. Your wedding photos were at a bookstore? That's adorable! Happy anniversary - I love the traditions you guys have!

  2. Congratulations - thanks for sharing your joyful moments with us :)

  3. Happy Anniversary!! Yes, PLEASE post a "how we met" story - I would love to read it :) And you had photos taken in a bookstore?? That is SO COOL!

  4. Awww -- thanks everyone! All of your comments mean the world to me, and I appreciate the encouragement to keep posting more personal notes. Will definitely have our "how we met" story up soon!


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