Tune in Tuesday [8] - July 31

Tune in Tuesday is hosted by GReads. Time for one more wonderful My Teen Years post before we bid a fond farewell to the month of July -- how are we halfway through summer already?!?

The Sign by Ace of Base -- I first heard this song on Tarzan Dan's Hit List on YTV.  This song IS Grade 7.  I forgot how awesome, and totally 90s this video is too -- hilarious!

Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer -- words cannot express how much I love the movie She's All That.  I watched and rewatched my VHS copy until it was worn out.  As a shy and nerdy teen, I dreamed of finding someone that would see me for who I really was, rather than the glasses, braces and the books that I hid behind.  So Rachel Leigh Cook's journey in this movie was the dream that I had for myself, and hearing this song always makes me think of her walking down the stairs in that red dress. *sigh*


  1. Oh my word, I totally forgot about Ace of Base! I listened to them ALL THE TIME when I was younger... until my cassette tape (oh yes, a cassette tape) got stolen out of my PE locker. Why I had it there, I don't remember, but that's not the point. It was devastating at the time.

    Sixpence None the Richer is STILL one of my favorites. I absolutely agree, I always think of her coming down the stairs in that red dress when this song comes on. Classic teen movie scene. ;)

    Excellent choices!

    1. Oh, I had Ace of Base on cassette tape too -- and finally got rid of it a while ago, now that I no longer own a cassette player -- how times have changed! But I did download the whole thing on iTunes, so I can still have my fix now and then =)


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