Top Ten Characters I’d Like To Switch Places With For 24 Hours

It's Tuesday, and time for another wonderful Top Ten Tuesday bookish list -- hosted, as always, by the wonderful people over at The Broke and the Bookish.  This week's theme is characters that I'd like to switch places with for a day... it seems to be a list of either a) people whose viewpoint I would love to witness or b) people that do cool things that I aspire to do as well.

1. Astrid in White Oleander
Not because of the experiences that she had, but because of her artistic skills.  I've always wished that I could draw like she does.

2. Hermione in Harry Potter
What I would give for the chance to go to Hogwarts, if only for just a day!

3. Ada in The Poisonwood Bible
I love the way that Ada sees the world, and I would just love to view the world through her eyes.

4. Augustus in The Fault in Our Stars
With the story being told from Hazel's perspective, it would be amazing to see things from Augustus' perspective -- he was such a wonderful character.

5. August in Wonder
Funny how these two characters have almost identical names, and both are ones with whom I'd like to switch places.  In Wonder, you really get inside August's head and see the world through his eyes, but I still think it would be eye-opening to actually live as him for a day.

6. Bastion in The Neverending Story
Umm.. he gets to LIVE inside a book that NEVER ENDS.  'Nuff said.

7. Stargirl in Stargirl
Stargirl has such amazing self-confidence -- it would be incredible to walk a mile in her shoes.

8. Isabelle in City of Bones, et al.
How much fun would it be to be a Shadowhunter for a day?  Not to mention a gorgeous Shadowhunter with amazing fashion sense?

9.  Ella in Ella Enchanted
Another fun, feisty heroine who has to do anything she's been ordered to do -- this could be a fun day!

10. Carrie in Summer and the City
There's something about Carrie in this book that reminds me of myself, especially during those moments when I wanted to move to New York City and write for Cosmopolitan magazine.

And that's it for my list -- who would YOU like to be for a day?  Leave me a link to your post and I'll stop by to visit!


  1. Fun list! I don't know them all, but your reasons make me want to check them out :)


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